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Once we had a dream...

about a confectionery with a pastry workshop behind it where odorous, delicious, quality cakes are made from the finest ingredients and by competent and caring hands.

Several kinds of cookies and cakes so that everyone should find something that suits their taste. Cookies and cakes that reminisce our homes’ and grandmothers’ kitchens, cookies and cakes that are modern and vibrating, innovative – and even “free from”, if necessary. Let them be classic and let them be unique. Diverse, as we are all different.

And so this became the Mischler Cakes Artisan Confectionery. 

Our pastry shop opened in 2015 at the ground floor of the Árkád Shopping Centre in Pécs. Our cosy little place, decorated with little coloured lamps, grew fast and could reach a bigger and bigger audience, due to its recognition.

Good cakes from the best ingredients. Thinking in this, we consciously place a great emphasis on the quality of the ingredients that we use: fruits, dairy products of animal origin, only, and excellent quality chocolates with high cocoa content. We rigorously insist on making traditional and fashionable cakes free from preservatives.

Desserts recognised as Hungaricum products (for example, Dobos cake) or Hungary’s Cakes of the Year are also made in this spirit, insisting on the original recipes and keeping the traditions.

Mischler Cakes is more than a name or a place. Mischler Cakes is a team that works creatively, persistently and with full commitment for the satisfaction and pleasure of our Guests, as we are convinced that or Guests deserve the best!

Taste our cakes!

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