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Once we had a dream...

about a confectionery with a pastry workshop behind it where odorous, delicious, quality cakes are made from the finest ingredients and by competent and caring hands.

Several kinds of cookies and cakes so that everyone should find something that suits their taste. Cookies and cakes that reminisce our homes’ and grandmothers’ kitchens, cookies and cakes that are modern and vibrating, innovative – and even “free from”, if necessary. Let them be classic and let them be unique. Diverse, as we are all different.

And so this became the Mischler Cakes Artisan Confectionery. 

Our pastry shop opened in 2015 at the ground floor of the Árkád Shopping Centre in Pécs. Our cosy little place, decorated with little coloured lamps, grew fast and could reach a bigger and bigger audience, due to its recognition.

Mischler Cukrászda.jpg
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