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The ingredients of our ice creams are provided by an Italian ice cream-producer company called Aromaitalia. Aromaitalia has been producing premium-quality ice cream ingredients for 70 years. Our ice cream has a creamy and smooth texture with rich taste thanks to the flavoured pastes made from fruits and seeds, chocolate and other components of natural origins.


Next to our basic flavours (e.g.: chocolate, vanilla, various types of fruits), several special tastes are provided to our guests, such as:​

- the popular Mozart (almond, pistachio and chocolate)

- the Rasperry cheesecake (the combination of the intensive raspberry flavour, the silkiness of mascarpone and the crispiness of biscuit)

- the Bounty (coconut and chocolate)

- the Dolce di latte (creamy toffee) or

- the Kit kat (chocolate with pieces of crispy wafer).

hullám nagy mályva.png

Ice Creams

Real shovelled ice cream from Mischler Cakes!


You can certainly find sugar-free, several gluten-free, moreover, „all-free” (gluten-, lactose-, sugar-free) ice creams as well.

Our offer of 20 different flavours is available for our customers throughout the whole year.

Our ice cream offerings might vary depending on the season, our ingredient stock, and our experimental spirit. You can contact us to inquire about our current offerings.

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