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“Oeufs à la neige” (floating islands) is a dessert of French origin, a vanilla custard with foam dumplings whipped from egg white. Our oeufs à la neige has all this, but in an innovative form: a light egg sponge cake is filled with vanilla pudding spiced with real vanilla seeds. Made from a low carbohydrate flour blend, without adding sugar.


SOS can be ordered cake. (24 hours)


Average nutritional value in 100 g of product:


Energy 242.1 kcal

Fat 16,8 g

-of which saturated fatty acids 8,6 g

Carbohydrate 17,1 g

-of which sugars 4,8 g

Protein 30,2 g

Fiber 0,1 g

Salt 0,1 g

"Floating island" Cake (Law carb cake)

    • Settlements where we deliver:
      Pécs, Kozármisleny, Keszü, Pellérd


    • Personal purchase: You can collect your order at Mischler Cakes Pastry Shop in Pécs, 11/1 Bajcsy-Zsilinszky street (on the ground floor of the Árkád Shoping Centre, opposite to the INTERSPAR store).
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